DC Comics Superman for Tomorrow Kotobukiya ArtFx Statue

Matsumoto, the sculptor for this statue, is an expert on physiques.  Every muscle that a body builder displays is seen in this Superman statue in great detail.  For me the weakest part is the face, I understand that he is angry but his face is ugly regardless.  It’s kind of like an ugly cryer.  But overall it has great detail with the cape and muscle structure.  Superman for Tomorrow Kotobukiya Artfx Statue Pictures

Average Price $155.46
Recent Sales $157, 153, 186, 120, 190, 143, 166, 150, 170, 150, 125
Manufacturer  Kotobukiya
Sculpted by  Koei Matsumoto
Height 12 inches
Limited to  No numbers given
Type PVC





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