How can my eBay auction appear on your site?

If you use the same title as we use, it will automatically appear on Statue Price Guide.  For example, if you are selling Dustin Nguyen’s Batman Beyond statue use the title “Batman Beyond Black and White Statue Dustin Nguyen” and it will appear on this page.  All statues related to comics are listed in eBay category, 80 which is collectibles – comics – figurines.  Comic book action figures are in eBay category 158671 and movie figures are in eBay category 75708.  Everything on this site will be in one of those 3 categories.


Why do you have commentary on each statue?

The short answer is because we want to, but that’s a little rude.  Sooooo…  A price guide can be a very boring place, it’s all about information.  We are showing values on STATUES, something that is artistic, beautiful or interesting.  Why shouldn’t the Statue Price Guide add a little personality, insight or entertainment?  We think something so artistic should be presented with style.  If you hate it, ignore it.  If you love the comments or have a fun thought to add, send us a message.


How do you arrive at your statue values?

  1. All pricing comes from Ebay completed auctions, this is the best real world value for an item.  Long term we would like to add online store sales and brick and mortar stores.
  2. Any auction that was purchased with a “best offer” isn’t figured into our pricing. Best offers only show what the seller originally wanted for the statue, not the compromised price.
  3. If an auction is incredible high in comparison to current pricing, we reserve the right to exclude it from our pricing.  Some dealers try to manipulate pricing for their benefit.
  4. If the statue isn’t new, the price is based on a minimum of 3 months data.  The amount of data varies greatly.  For example some statues have only been sold 1 time in the last 3 months while others have been sold 20 times in the same time frame.
  5. We exclude broken statues from the price guide.  In the future we might include them in a special category.  In general, major damage cuts the price in half, minor damage is in the 20 to 30% off range.
  6. We don’t control the price only report it.  If you think your statue is worth more than we indicate, list it on eBay or Amazon for that price.  We report the facts not hopes and dreams.